Sussex Mews – Nelson City

Air to Water Heat Pumps

In 2013 I was researching potential heating systems for a 6 unit townhouse development in Nelson. I had heard about hydronic underfloor heating but found there was a shortage of people who offered this expertise in Nelson. Nelson Heat Pumps had heaps of expertise with the heat pumps required to run the system and invested in acquiring the knowledge to lay the piping in the slab and commission the system.Garry and his team were always responsive and have stayed involved as required post installation. We now have 6 houses that are enjoying the warmth of hydronic heating this winter and reduced power bills in comparison with other heating alternatives.

This is the first stage of preparation at Sussex Mews in Nelson, laying the pipe work. Building carries on…Watch this space.

These are now considered ideal solutions for space heating and domestic hot water. Air to water heat pumps are the ideal solution to increase energy efficiency (cop), using air as a main source of energy. This is an all in one system designed to deliver the right temperature for space heating,and domestic potable hot water.


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