Our Product Range

Nelson Heat Pumps stock a wide range of heat pump air conditioning models, from discrete wall mounted units, to the ultimate in invisible ducted systems. We offer a full range of heating, cooling and ventilation products from trusted brands including Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric & Daikin. Contact Nelson Heat Pumps today!

e3 Classic Series
The Heat Pump breakthrough in technology and features

The e3 Classic series uses a new thermodynamic system to heat or cool your home environment. This system will deliver more heat for your dollar than previous systems. Even better, this system also delivers environmental improvements with reduced global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential.

e3 Design Series
e3 technology with a sleek, modern finish

The e3 Design series delivers the energy savings of the latest heat pump technology, along with a super compact, elegant design and many state-of-the-art features.

Compact Hi-Wall Premier

This extremely popular heat pump range is very compact with smart flat panels outside and advanced engineering inside. Super energy savings are achieved with Fujitsu’s improved heat exchange technology and the units also offer near silent operation, healthy fresh air filters and many extra features.

Hi-Wall Premier – Large capacity LFC series

These smart looking models pack a punch with very powerful performance, but are still super energy efficient. In fact, Fujitsu has delivered one of the best power savings of all time. They will heat large areas effortlessly yet give you the quietness, energy savings and the extra features you’d expect from Fujitsu.

Compact Floor Console

Our Compact Floor Console has dual fans to deliver very fast heating. It is smart and elegant, yet surprisingly efficient and effective. As you’d expect from Fujitsu, it is super quiet and has many features including the latest in air cleaning filters for a healthier home, and compact outdoor units too.

High Capacity Floor Console Range

The high capacity Floor Consoles are very powerful heaters, yet still highly efficient, slim and lightweight. Despite their capacity to heat large areas effortlessly, they are whisper quiet, smart with compact outside unit. They are often used to replace night storage heaters, and can also be installed on the floor or ceiling.