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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a good idea to clean your heat pump filters every three months. Here’s a few tips on how to best clean out your filters.

  • Open the front cover and take out filters.
  • Either wash the filters with a cloth and hot soapy water OR use a vacuum to suck away the dust and dirt.
  • Clean out around filter area in the unit itself
  • Put filters back in and enjoy cleaner air!

If none of these steps are useful or you can’t be bothered, contact us and we can come and service your heat pump for you.

You can also check out the following video:

Firstly, check that your filters are clean and that they are inserted properly.

If the smell still persists, there may be a slight smell of condensation drying up. This smell will subside over time. If it doesn’t, check out this video for some other tips to consider.

Check that the batteries are not flat. These should be replaced every 6-12 months for best results.
Sometimes you can accidentally set a timer when using your remote, especially if it is left in reach of small children. Here are a few tips on how to fix your Heat Pump if there has been a timer set.

Get your remote and look to see what is displayed on the LCD screen. If there is a timer icon that is on or flashing, this may have been unknowingly set. To turn this off, simply push the reset button to set your remote back to standard settings.

If the flashing still persists, there may be an error with your heat pump. In your heat pump manual, you will find a section with fault codes on it which can give you some tips on how to diagnose the issue. If this sounds too tricky, give us a call and we can send someone out to help diagnose the problem and get it fixed.

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